Radha Sarma Hegde’s “Mediating Migration” book launch: Feb. 18, 2016


The NYU Department of Media, Culture, and Communication invites you to the February 18 launch of Mediating Migration (Polity Press), with author Radha Sarma Hegde in conversation with Professors Arjun Appadurai and Arlene Davila, and an introduction by Rodney Benson.

Media practices and the everyday cultures of transnational migrants are deeply interconnected. Mediating Migration narrates aspects of the migrant experience as shaped by the technologies of communication and the social, political and cultural configurations of neoliberal globalization.

The book examines the mediated reinventions of transnational diasporic cultures, the emergence of new publics, and the manner in which nations and migrants connect. By placing migration and media practices in the same frame, the book offers a wide-ranging discussion of the contested politics of mobility and transnational cultures of diasporic communities as they are imagined, connected, and reproduced by various groups, individuals, and institutions. Drawing on current events, activism, cultural practices, and crises concerning immigration, this book is organized around themes legitimacy, recognition, publics, domesticity, authenticity that speak to the entangled interconnections between media and migration.

Radha Sarma Hegde is Associate Professor in the NYU Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. Her research and teaching focus on gender, globalization, migration and global media flows. Her edited volume Circuits of Visibility: Gender and Transnational Media Cultures was published by NYU Press (2011). Hegde received the 2014/15 Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award to pursue an ethnographic project on the new forms of circulation of the English language in India. She serves on the editorial board of several major journals in the field of media and cultural studies, and is the co-editor of the journal Feminist Media Studies.